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MoenComm is a distributor of products for Digital Amateur Radio located in Northern California, USA.  Our focus is on digital voice products compatible with D-STAR*.  Our goal is to provide superb customer service -- ordering, rapid shipping and great customer support.  We'll do our best to keep our products in stock for immediate shipment.  No more paying for a product, then waiting and waiting to receive it.

Our main product is a DV Modem, also called a GMSK Node Adapter or GMSK Modem, used by amateur radio operators to build a D-Star compatible Hotspot or full duplex repeater.  For a Hotspot, all you need is this small board, an analog transceiver and a PC with internet.

MoenComm LLC distributor of Matrix Circuits Star*Board

bullet Professionally built -- Not a kit
bullet Designed and assembled at Matrix Circuits' state of the art SMT facility
bullet Includes DUTCH*Star firmware
bullet Includes printed User Manual (or download it here)
bullet It works, and we are now shipping!
bullet Price: $119 plus S&H
bullet We have cables:  radio cable and different length USB cables
bullet Order Now!  Click here


Matrix Circuits offers printed circuit board Design, Assembly and Test services at their location in New London, Iowa, USA.  Their Star*Board(tm) comes with a verifiable, supported license for the well-known DUTCH*Star firmware and support tools.  This board is small!  Only 15mm (H) x 67mm (W) x 51mm (L) -- .6" x 2.64" x 2.01" 

This GMSK Node Adapter can be used to create a D-Star Compatible Hotspot or even a low-cost full duplex D-Star compatible repeater.  It's fun and easy.  Let's say you have a D-Star radio, but you don't have perfect access to your closest D-Star repeater.  A Hotspot at your QTH allows your D-Star radio to access connected repeaters and/or reflectors worldwide using any analog radio that has a high speed data/packet port, this GMSK Modem, a PC and an internet connection.   See Building a D-Star Compatible Hotspot for more information.  When your board arrives, also check Recommended Jumpers and Firmware Settings.

This board uses a 3' standard "GMSK cable," with a 9-pin DSub connector to the board, and a 6 pin Mini DIN connector for most ham transceivers with a 9600 Data jack.  We have these in stock at a good price, or you can build your own - click here. We also offer different length USB Type A to Type B cables, to connect your Star*Board to your PC.

Note:  Larry WW6USA, a long time D-Star guy, found that the Star*Board fits in an Altoids tin.  As many of you know, this little box is often used by QRP homebrewers as an enclosure for their projects. 

We also encourage you to join gmsk_dv_node on Yahoo Groups -- the most popular email list about GMSK node adapters.

MoenComm LLC is owned and operated by Jim Moen, K6JM

* D-Star® is a registered trademark used for communication equipment (repeaters and transceivers) for amateur radio communications, and owned by Icom Incorporated.

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